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Cab driver giving me the finger and cursing Would like to inform you of a cab driver in the below picture who swore and flicked me off while he was waiting for a light by navy pier (mind you he had a passenger in the car). He was laying on his horn at guy in front of him for a solid 15 seconds....guy in front had no where to go as traffic was backed up trying to get onto north bound lakeshore. So instead of blocking the west bound traffic he waited. I yelled at the cab driver seriously dude where do you want him to go while I waited at cross walk. He rolled down his window cursed at me and then gave me finger. Then as I crossed the cross walk he continued to swear and give me the finger. Really classy driver you have there and I will not be using your cab company for any of my future rides due to this guy obviously feeling empowered enough to do this with a passenger in the car. I will be filing a complaint as well with the city This is a picture of his cab as I passed them stuck in traffic as I walked home on trail - Nate
Complaint - car 1878 I'm really confused. The cab driver grabbed my AMEX and put it through his phone and literally threw me a blank receipt. He didn't offer to show me an official record and I had no idea how much he actually charged me until he showed me a vague list on his phone.. His normal terminal was working fine it seemed, is this normal? (I'm from Australia) Marcus King Director of Student Operations P: +61 422 553 566 | E: Melbourne, Australia Horrible service. Number 1428 got mad because we didn't leave a tip. He was rude and cab had bad odor and dirt everywhere. Then proceeded to flip us off as we walked into our destination. I left a message with cab service and will dispute any charges over the amount I agreed to. I just have to say we had a fabulous driver in cab 32! My husband left his wallet in the cab and the driver went above and beyond to get it back to us. We are from KC and we truly appreciate his honesty and help getting back the wallet. It could have ruined our entire trip. Thanks you are a good man , in a big city like Chicago you don't expect anyone going out of their way to help tourists When we come back we will try to hire him again Thanks Ruth Bukovac
Complaint for taxi 319. I took a short ride and paid on cash tipped over 20%. Driver complained and used foul language including the f word. Extremely rude and unprofessional. I just got into one of your taxicabs at Monroe and Canal in Chicago. The cab was #4771. The driver was smoking a cigarette and asked if I minded. I said yes - and he proceeded to roll down the window and hold the cigarette out there, continuing to smoke. I asked him to put it out and he refused. I got out of the cab as soon as I safely could exit. Besides the fact I don't smoke - and have no desire to be in the presence of secondhand smoke - I was on the way to a medical appointment at Northwestern. Obviously I did not want to ride in a vehicle that was filled with smoke to a doctor appointment. It was unbelievable to me that your driver was smoking in the first place - and then continued smoking with a passenger in the car, that said they did not want to be in a cab with a smoker, then asked the driver politely to stop. I will also be filing a complaint with the City of Chicago. The actions by your driver are inappropriate and completely uncalled for. Karin Wennerstrom
Date: Monday 11/12 @ 1:00pm Location: Pulaski and Devon Taxi #2437 Global Taxi Assoc. This taxi was heading south on Pulaski behind my vehicle. We both were waiting to turn east on Devon with an unprotected green light. The light turn yellow and then red, so I finished the turn. Your taxi should have waited for the next light but instead turned with us forcing me to jam on brakes to avoid a collision for he was trying to get in the same lane as my vehicle. Not only did he run the light but he also cut me off in the intersection. He proceeded east on Devon at a high rate of speed. Your taxi driver are reckless and dangerous and are a danger to others on the road. Every night I hear of taxi drivers causing crashes or are involved in hit and runs. A defensive driving course would be beneficial. Shan Parker Adams School of Driving 773-392-6565
Dear Globe Taxi, Can I get the contact for cab #1374? I asked the cab driver to return my car keys and paid him extra however my apt still hasn't received it. If I don't hear from him I will contact city of Chicago and/or file for court. Thanks, Hannah Driver 97220 This driver was driving irrationally, and almost got in 3 accidents during our 5 mile drive. I'm appalled. Chase Clemens
Dear Globe Taxi, We are contacting you because our phone search has not helped yet. We have left an item in one of your taxis. On 31 May we a Backpack with 15" Macbook Pro in a cab dropping us off in at 2311 W North Ave. We paid cash and unfortunately didn't remember the cab number. Has this Backpack and Laptop been found? Date Lost: 31 May, around 18:00 PickupAddress: 440 N. State Street, Chicago Destination address: 2311 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60647 (drop off address) Item Description: "Starter" backpack with Macbook Pro 15" in white InCase hard case and black softcase in "Starte"r Backpack (black/grey), also containing the Mac Charger and a pair of white Soney on-ear headphones. Sincerely, Mitchell Thar & Robin Waart Tel. 6302079969 Mitchell Thar 3941 N. Pinegrove Ave Apt. 303 60613 Chicago, Ilinois

Outrageous taxi driver

To whom this may concern,

I was driving on Randolph st by Dearborn ave and this driver car number 3132. He cut me off twice and almost hit my car! He then looked at me like I did something wrong and made all these hand gestures very angry. It's a shame he is a driver putting people's life's in jeopardy. I would never pay for that kind of service and that is why Uber and Lyft are better services.
Ashley Shall

Don't ever take this cab company!! I was verbally assaulted, and held in the car against my will so the driver could continue to assault me until I was ready to jump out of the taxi. This is absolutely unacceptable in any way.... And it all started because I commented on how the driver in front of us was driving slow. Nobody should be treated like that, especially if you are expected to pay for it. I have heard of this company's drivers cheating customers, commuting hit and runs, and sadly enough.. Heard stories similar to what happened to me this morning. Don't bother reporting anything either, the manager told me, and I quote, "you aren't going to do anything about it" companies like this need to be shut down. Like many other people, I will be filing a complaint with the city (something I have never in my life done before) Jeffrey Santos
Don't take cab 369. The driver picked me up in River North. I told him I was going to Michigan and Washington. I realized he was lost when he was driving east on Illinois looking for Michigan (It’s overhead- there’s no intersection). He finally turned right then right again. He was going to continue westbound until I told him he must turn left on State Street. He was not going to turn on Washington until I told him he had to turn left there as well. He said something about being a new driver, but this is inexcusable- taxi cab drivers are supposed to be trained on how to navigate the city and this clown certainly hasn’t been. Elizabeth L. Hubbard
Driver littering I filed a 311 report and thought you should know this. The male driver of cab 3386 threw his cigarette butt (aka trash and littering) out his driver window on May 31, 2013 10:37am onto the street around the location of 1840 N. Damen Ave. traveling north. I think smoking is not allowed in a cab in Chicago and if it is, this and the littering is reason enough to tell you that this does not reflect favorably on your brand. Mark This evening I rode in cab #6326. I believe the driver was intoxicated. He was rambling on and on about DUIs is acquired in the 80s (on a motorcycle), had his hands off the wheel about 30% of the time (scratching his face, gesturing), and he was swerving a bit. Although he was kind and friendly, I did not feel physically safe in the vehicle and I am concerned he will eventually harm someone. If he wasn't drunk, than he is unfit to safely drive a cab in any condition. I have filed a complaint with the city. 4 окт. в 11:14 Maggie Stamell
Good experience Your taxi driver in car 4457 (during the afternoon of July 25) is great - he just dropped me off near Washington and Michigan as requested. I was immediately impressed. He didn't run over or even get close to a jerk bike messenger who suddenly cut in front of him when stopping to pick me up. He waited cautiously. He was courteous and doubled checked with me about the address I asked for, to confirm. His cab was incredibly clean and I greatly appreciated that he didn't have a phone call in his ear, much less talking loudly like other drivers do when I don't know if they're speaking to me or on the phone. He was quick, as I asked if he could be, and careful, but never at all reckless. He made a short funny comment about the best cab being "the cab you're in." He was kind and pleasant. It was a brief ride but it's clear you have a great driver. Please tell him thank you, again, for me. VB Hello, Please notify cab driver 81's supervisor that he should not be driving. I bike to work, and was on State, somewhere around Lake or Randolph, on the right side of the road as is proper. I had rear reflector as well as a BLINKING led front light. He proceeded to swerve in front of me and cut me off. It is raining today. Fortunately, I JUST got a tune up on Thursday, and my brakes are very tight. I skidded in the rain until stopping right before hitting his ream bumper. I am not sure how I was able to stop, as he was driving way to fast and recklessly for a dry day, let alone one that is as wet and slippery as today. He should not be driving a cab if he is going to drive like this. Feel free to call me. Thanks, Evan Lowery 573-338-2192
I am writing to inform you that I have filed four separate complaints with the City of Chicago related to cab driver Huseyin, driver of cab #408, who was my driver on Friday, March 22, 2013, as follows: 1) Overcharging 2) Reckless driving 3) Rude Behavior 4) Verbal Assault Your driver picked me up at 3656 N Damen Ave and was requested to make two stops to pick up two additional customers that were on the way to the final destination. These instructions were clear at the time of pick up, and the driver knew the final destination was 149 W Kinzie. If you view the map the route taken (see Uber receipt below), all stops were on the way, with the second stop being passed by in route in the final destination. At the second stop to pick up the last person in our group, the driver reset the meter, which not only reset the $2.25 initial fare + $.50 per additional rider, it also charged the Uber preset 20% gratuity amount based on the fare at that time. All three riders questioned the driver and the driver claimed that our requests were "bullshit" and that I should have called a limo for my "ridiculous requests". The angry driver also drove fast and unsafe to our final destination. This is completely unacceptable and violates city laws and regulations. The driver is required to make any and all stops as requested by the customer. None of the customers sharing the ride were drunk or disorderly in any fashion. I have also disputed these charges with my credit card company. Eric Olmack 773-550-5490
I took cab # 6313 from O'Hare to city center and was terrified. The guy was going 45 miles an hour on the highway and switching lanes all over the place and people were flying by on either side. I felt extremely unsafe.
Megan N

I just had the most disgusting taxi ride from O'Hare. About 6:30 AM I got in a Globe Taxi number 2224 from O'Hare Airport. The driver seemed distracted and wasn't very talkative - most of the time no chit chat is appreciated, but this driver did not even acknowledge my simple communication. When we reached my destination I paid him and tipped him ty decent then exited the cab and waited for him to get my bag from the trunk. He was moving around in the front seat and then I saw him making adjustments to his pants. He got out of the cab and was buckling his belt and and his fly was open. I can only imagine what he was doing while driving me from the airport!! Are taxi companies this hard up for drivers that something like this happens? Globe sure won't get my business again! I only wish I had noticed before I paid and tipped him. Disgusted Patron DARLENE JOHNSON
I want to say thank you to an honest driver, Mr. Theodis Maxie, from Globe Taxi in Chicago. I dropped my bag in his Taxi when arrive a restaurant. Thank Theodis for bring it back. You are an honest man. May god bless you. Hu, Jimmy
Last evening, at approximately 10:00 p.m., we got into Globe Taxi #6715, waiting in front of the Palmer House Hotel downtown. We were heading home, to “4250 N. Marine Drive, just north of Irving on the drive” as we told the taxi driver. He skipped several options to get on Lake Shore Drive until we outright asked him to get on the drive (much faster than all the stop & go traffic on Michigan Ave) – my husband then had to tell him every single step of the way how to get to our home…the guy driving the cab was clueless (if you’re that unknowledgeable, have the courtesy to tell potential passengers you have no idea where you’re going – then at least passengers would have the option of deciding whether or not to continue with someone who cannot do their job). I really feel our address has to be one of the simplest to get to if you know anything about Chicago street numbering. I don’t know what kind of training your drivers get but this was an embarrassment to your organization. I feel like I ought to ask for my money back. And rest assured, we will avoid taking any Globe Taxis in the future. Susan E. Lorsch, CFA Chief Compliance Officer, SVP.
Taxi 39- 2:23 a.m. -Driver was talking/ playing on his phone. Stopped (and paid) full fare because his actions were unsafe/unlawful. -Reporting taxi number and company to the city. -Copying this to myself as proof of poor and unsafe service. -11/6/14 at 2:23 a.m. (After work) Fare started at Halsted and Cornelia and ended at Halsted/Broadway intersection. Paid $5.00 for $3.65 fare Chad Honeycutt
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